Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fabshoes Travel Journal

Oh Emily, poor you. Fancy having to endure such scenery and a dorm with what look to be some pretty fit guys. How much longer does this awful trip last? You must *really* be looking forward to being surrounded by the varying shades of grey and gloom that we have here. It even snowed on Thursday ... see, you're jealous now!

Jane xxx

Sunday, January 29, 2006


This weekend, we ran a quiz event in Northants. It went really well - about 70 people went to it. The questions, written by Nic Paul and Hugh Williams, were fantastic. The venue was brilliant - St Crispins Club.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Television A Go-Go!

Today in the heady world of quiz, I have an appointment with 12yard Productions (TV company that makes Eggheads and In It To Win It for the BBC). We are going to be discussing the World Quizzing Championships TV format. All very exciting.

We've also been helping the BBC with a new series they are planning. It was due to go to the commissioning editor yesterday, but something-or-other happened and the meeting's now happening on Monday.

With luck both of these will lead to the commissioning of TV shows, so that we can get sponsors on board and get this quizzing show on the road!

Continuous Quiz

Here's a really fun idea we had on the site. It gets everyone participating and thinking, so I thought I'd add one here for all you bloggers out there to have a go at.

It works like this...

I will start by asking a question. The first person to post the correct answer here gets to set the next one and so on.

OK, here we go!

How is Curtis Jackson more commonly known?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A blog of my own

My friend Helen Keegan suggested that I write a blog. She and I are involved in a really BIG, really fun project that you might all enjoy reading about. So grab yourself a cuppa and kick back while I tell you all about what we're up to.


Jane x